I was wondering about clearances on a restaurant stove. It's been my experience that unless it's a zero clearance there should be minimum 2" spacing on the sides and back, and thought should be put to having flammable (wood) surfaces near the surface burners. The installation shown in this article(before and after:kitchen) to me shows an improper and potentially dangerous condition. The stove is set tight to the side cabinets and probably the back and side cabinets close to the surface burners. Restaurant stoves(commercial) have no insulation to protect from fire on the ovens and the surface burners are high BTU and with a pot over them can push their flames out to the side.
I'm surprised the local building department allowed this installation as shown. If steps weren't taken to prevent fire the owner maybe remodeling again. Also I'm surprised your people(this old house staff) didn't pick up on this.