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    Default Re: Planning My New Home From Scratch

    Since the thread got "bumped", I'll add something new.

    If you want it pretty, consult an artist.
    If you want it sturdy, consult an engineer.
    If you want neither, any architect can do that and charge you more for it too!


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    Default Re: Planning My New Home From Scratch

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    First you need an architect...
    In my fair state, to claim the title of "Architect" requires a special professional license, which requires passing state-mandated tests. But in most places, you aren't actually required to use an architect, so there are thousands of "home designers" around. There are good and bad of both designers and architects.

    One designer I know, who drew hundreds of home designs, once came up with a plan for a tract home builder he was working for. It was a great plan with an efficient layout. Thankfully, before they put the plan out for sale, somebody realized it was missing the laundry room.

    Also realize that drawing plans is more than a floor plan. There will be many pages of detail plans, specifying how the foundation is to be constructed, how the walls are to be framed, the style of siding and how it is attached, a truss or rafter plan, how seismic and hurricane resistance will be included, where shear strength will be added, ventilation, egress, and in extremely detailed plans even the light fixtures, furniture, and paint colors will be specified.
    The "Senior Member" designation under my name doesn't mean I know a lot, it just means I talk a lot.I've been a DIYer since I was 12 (thanks, Dad!). I have read several books on various home improvement topics. I do not have any current code books I can refer to. I was an apprentice plumber for two years.

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