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    Cool Hot water baseboard heat

    I am remodeling my existing bathroom, I want to replace my 5' section of baseboard heat with a new section made of aluminum so covers don't rust. This is my question the existing heat zone consists of three rooms, a bedroom a bathroom and a bedroom. The bathroom is between the bedrooms. The existing pipe in the baseboard is 3/4". The new section of aluminum baseboard that I want to replace only comes in 1/2" pipe size. Can I install a section of 1/2" baseboard in the middle of the 3/4" zone heat? The radiator pipe size would be 3/4" in first bedroom then reduce down to 1/2" in bathroom then it would make up to 3/4" in second bedroom. Will this work?? Thanks VIT

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    Default Re: Hot water baseboard heat

    It might not make enough difference for you to care, or it might. I'd keep looking for alternatives in a 3/4" pipe size, either from the same manufacturer or someone else. There should be a style that you'll be happy with available from somebody somewhere in the right size.


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