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    Default No heat upstairs

    I have baseboard heat ,boiler....1 pipe comes out splits into 2 ......both hot....the return pipe is cold on 1.....

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    Default Re: No heat upstairs


    Please provide more info---do you have steam heat, or forced hot water heat.

    1) If you have forced hot water heat, do you have any ZONE VALVES where the upstairs & downstairs pipes diverge to control the upstairs & downstairs heating pipes???

    If present, the zone valves would be at the near-boiler piping, just before the upstairs & downstairs pipes split; see site below to see images of what zone valves look like--most of them have a little metal lever that can be manually opened to provide temporary heat to both floors.

    2) Are there any SHUTOFF VALVES on the mains of the pipes leading to the baseboards---if so, make sure they are all open.|=en&b...qfU|XQD|ew0QG1
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    Default Re: No heat upstairs

    is this gravity operated or is there a pump involved?

    What kind of pipes do you have? How old are the pipes (as opposed to the rest of the system)?

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