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    Default Re: What to do in a crawl space

    You guys are great..... and for the houston remodeler:
    1) thanks for all the info
    2) I live in ohio
    3) I have baseboard water heat

    So I will cover the floor with new plastic and insulate the joists with a thick non-faced insulation. If I'm missing anything please let me know.
    Once again thanks so much, Ryan

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    Default Re: What to do in a crawl space

    Quote Originally Posted by ordjen View Post

    The Romans did something similar. They would have open fires in a basement chamber and the flue would travel back and forth under the floors, warming them.
    I wonder how many Romans came home with too much "vino" in them and set the floors ablaze trying to get warm. Maybe a lot since they used lead water pipes too

    "Hey Nero, whatcha playing on that fiddle?"


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    Question Re: What to do in a crawl space

    Very helpful thread - our crawl space is under our living room. We had 3-4" of foam blown underneath the bottom. There is a plastic vapor barrier on the ground. The floor is cool to slightly cold in few spots even though then foaming is even (can see it from basement casement window). Would there be any reason NOT to grab some of those pink R10 foam boards and drill them into the wooden beams (joists?) to add further insulation? I would think as someone posted above covering the wood would help with thermal transfer of cold. Any issues with essentially creating a "foam sandwich" underneath?

    Thank you.


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    Default Re: What to do in a crawl space

    If you do it on a very dry day you should be fine.

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