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    Default Replacement of Basin on old pedistal

    I have removed an old sink and pedestal. I would like to just replace the basin since the pedestal is still in good shape. It is anywhere from 76-80 years old. Will a new basin fit the pedestal or will I need to replace the basin and the pedestal?

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    Default Re: Replacement of Basin on old pedistal

    Chances are that it won't fit. These sinks are sold in sets, so just find one you like and buy the set.

    I would replace all plumbings too: angle stops, flex connectors and drain set.

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    Default Re: Replacement of Basin on old pedistal

    You might be able to find a salvage yard with a similar basin/pedestal that you can just buy the basin. If the basin isn't damaged, just worn, you could have it refinished, though finding a company to do a sink might be tough, since sinks get abused and refinishers don't warranty them.
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    Default Re: Replacement of Basin on old pedistal

    Finding a matching bowl would be a Herculean task or the luckiest day of your life.

    You'll have an easier time buying a reproduction, or similar.

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