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    Default Old Home Second Floor Bathroom support

    http://techzforum.com/photo.JPGI have a home built in 1917, there is a second story full bath. The home is a sears kit. We think the full bath was increased and redone sometime in the 40s based on the plumbing and the loads of concrete that we pulled out of there. Literally we removed thousand of pounds of concrete and tile out of there.

    We took the room down to the studs, which revealed an odd subfloor. It was not a flat surface, it had the main joists cut to where they were pointey and then sub floor laying on boards that had been daughtered to the main joists. My contractor is laying plywood 3/4 over these joists but to do so he had to use a plainer in certain spots to bring make a level surface to screw the subfloor to, then backer then tile.

    However given the the joists are made of 2x6s (16 on center) , and about a quarter inch sanded off, I am wondering if this could cause support issues, like the tub coming through the floor, sagging etc. Attached is a picture.


    1. Could there be support issues with the floor ?
    2. Should I pull mud or backer board to lay the tile on (this debate is driving me insane)
    3. we are using a cast iron tub.

    Misc Information:

    1. Bathroom is 7.75 Ft x 8.7 FT
    2. House built in 1917.
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