Good day you all.

I have a water pump with a pressure switch installed on the flat roof of my concrete/block house. on the discharge side of the pump is a PVC entering to the house through the concrete/block system.

The problem is that its installed above the master bedroom, and when ever someone turns a faucet at night it wakes me up. take note when I go to the roof the pump sound is very minimal. in fact the noise I hear in the master bedroom is 3x the noise of the pump

This is what I think:
1- The pump is fastened with galvanized bolts; thus it transfers the vibration; so I removed the bolts and placed a thick waffle pads ( HVAC grade ). Any better ideas?

2- How can I eliminate vibration from the PVC entering through the concrete block wall? I thought of clamping a rubber hose as an intermediate so the setup will be Pump>>short PVC >>> Rubbrized hose >>> PVC to the house
Will this work? will my solution last long enough or I will be replacing the rubber hose every year or so?