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    Default Baseboard Heat Issue

    Just installed two, 240V. 8 " Fahenheat baseboard heaters in my sunroom (abot 350 Sq Ft, insulated glass on three sides, 8 Ft insulated ceiling, on concrete slab) I am using a Honeywell T410 T-Stat but am unhappy with the heating results, specifically, if I set the T-Stat at 80 F, the system comes on, heats to about 68F (verified by Mercury Bulb thermometer next to T-Stat). then she suts off and drops to abot 65F and then restarts. I would have expected her to heat until T-Stat was satisfied or if that was not possible to just keep heating. Waht am I missing here?

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    Default Re: Baseboard Heat Issue

    Possibly the safety stat in the unit is opening as it should. You could test if the wall mount T stat is still supplying voltage to the units to prove that.

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