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    Default Wine Cooler Cabinet


    I bought my fiance a wine cooler that he is converting into a humidor for his cigars. Because the size of our apartment and the fact that it was built in 1910, there really is no place to store it (until we renovate our kitchen someday). Right now, it's in the basement, but as winter approaches, it will be too cold to keep down there. I have relented in bringing it upstairs to be placed in the dining room, under the condition that we build a cabinet for it to be housed in. Since there is an original built-in cabinet in the dining room already, I would like it to look as though it was always there, though I know the stainless steel door will obviously show and want to keep with the style of the apartment (my fiance actually grew up in the same apartment). It's only a 20 bottle cooler, so it should be able to slide in the cabinet fairly easily. Having built radiator covers, benches, mudroom closets, I feel this is something we could tackle.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas on where to start, would be appreciated!
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