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    Default Water leak drying time.

    I have had some leaks from my roof which are being fixed. Water leaked through the ceiling sheet rock and down the walls. The painter wants to repair the sheet rock and repaint a few days after the roof is fixed. I would have thought it best to make some holes in the damaged sheet rock and leave it open for few weeks to ensure any water behind the sheet fully dries out before closing up the sheet rock and repairing. I am in Texas and the weather is currently cold and dry.
    I would like to know if I am right about the need to keep the sheet rock open to dry behind it.

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    Default Re: Water leak drying time.

    The answer is . . . it depends.

    It depends on how long the leak was occurring, how long it was wet, and how deeply the water penetrated the framing.

    For a minor leak that dampened sheetrock, but the framing is relatively dry, you can do as described and replace the drywall immediately and repaint. If the framing became saturated, then you might want to leave it open for a bit to dry before repairing the drywall.

    It should go without saying that any wet insulation needs to be replaced . . . PERIOD!
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    Default Re: Water leak drying time.

    You can buy a moisture sensor for 40 to 200 dollars or use your palm to figure out when its dry on both sides

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    Default Re: Water leak drying time.

    In general terms, if you can manually detect dampness by eye or feel it's too wet to paint. Specifically most paint manufacturers want to see less than 5% measured moistness or less everywhere on the surface you intend to paint. This specification is to be maintained until the coating is totally dry. As a general rule, if I am not certain it is dry enough, I let it dry some more- better safe than sorry!


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