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    Default Quality Bathtub Brands?

    In your opinion, what manufacturers make a really good acrylic tub? In my search for a tub for our bath remodel, I'm running across a some brand names I recognize (Kohler, for example) and an awful lot I've never heard of (Maax, MTI, Americh). In terms of quality of construction, customer support, and warranty, are there any tub brands you can confidently recommend? Conversely, are there any we should strike from consideration?

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    Default Re: Quality Bathtub Brands?

    Buying an acrylic tub is no different than buying other fixtures. Some folks go by price, others by warranty, brand recognition or whatever the installer suggests.

    I've installed very few acrylic tubs. I don't think they are as good as cast iron, and they are more expensive than steel tubs.

    But if you must have acrylic, don't go with a no name brand.

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