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    Question Condensation inside the window?

    Hi all,
    Our 6 yrs old Thermal Edge patio doors just started getting "foggy" INSIDE which means it's unsealed. I took a look at the warranty - 20 yrs exclusive of condensation ON the window/door which is completely different matter.
    Will they honor this warranty?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Condensation inside the window?

    You can start by inquiring with the seller/installer.
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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    Default Re: Condensation inside the window?

    I would be very interested to find out what the manufacturer says. Please keep us posted.

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    Default Re: Condensation inside the window?

    I'd like to know the results as well. Every warranty I've ever read was limited to replacement of the failed part only; they did not cover the replacement labor involved, which often renders such warranties practically useless (except as sales hype) since the labor cost usually far exceeds the part cost. And most warranties will require a factory-certified inspection to ensure that it was installed properly. Sometimes they will inspect the entire job and will refuse to honor a warranty because of an unrelated issue elsewhere! This I do not place much value on warranties.

    If something is good enough for the manufacturer to stand behind, then a warranty will not be needed. If it is not that good they will usually find a way out of honoring their warranty so it becomes nearly useless. Choose your products on the basis of quality and the stability of the manufacturer, install them as they require, and you'll rarely need a warranty.

    Someone once tried to sell me some wrenches by stating that they had a "lifetime warranty, just like Craftsman tools do." I read the fine print, which said that the tool had to be sent to the factory for replacement and shipping charges would not be covered either direction. If one broke, I'd have to ship it to China and wait for them to ship a new one back before I could complete the job I needed it for! But with a Craftsman wrench I could go to Sears and get a new one anytime the local store was open. A world of difference between these even though both have a "lifetime warranty". Needless to say amid much laughter I did not buy this guys wrenches.


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