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    Default ideas for blinds for screen porch?

    I am trying to figure out what kind of blinds to get for the screen porch on the front of my house. We are close to the road and I want to put something up for privacy. I have looked at bamboo blinds but I am open to other ideas, any out there?

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    Default Re: ideas for blinds for screen porch?

    Fore aesthetics, I prefer the pvc roll-up blinds over bamboo. You could just as easily use vertical blinds or regular mini-blinds. If you use shade screen in your screens, then during daylight hours you will have full privacy, but when it's darker outside the room than in, people will be able to see in with ease. You could also plant trees and shrubbery, either near the house or out at the roadway so that you can enjoy the yard, yet still have a screen from the street. A stone wall at the street will reduce traffic noise as well as provide a screen and security, or a wooden fence would work as a screen.
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    Default Re: ideas for blinds for screen porch?

    Keep in mind that a screened porch is highly exposed to outdoor climate and weather conditions so you will definitely want a durable material that can stand up to task. Bamboo blinds is a good choice. The durability of bamboo blinds and its ability to withstand many weather conditions makes it a perfect choice for blinds. In fact special treated bamboo shades can withstand harsh sunlight over an extended period of time.
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