For the last 2 months, after flushing 1 toilet in the house, i've been hearing a loud vibration/hum in wall near toilet for 5 seconds directly after the bowl has stopped filling. i have a town water supply with no other plumbing problems. i did have a water hammer problem in 1 shower which i remedied by closing main valve to house, opening or flushing all fixtures, then opening main valve again. this solved hammer problem in the shower but did not solve vibration in toilet pipe. should i try draining the system again & do something different with the toilet besides flushing it once? when draining the system, does it matter that i have a forced hot water heating system in the house? b/c the heating pipes were not included in the draining process.
i have 3 toilets in the house & 2 of them are in back to back bathrooms & all share 1 vent. last year i replaced 1 of the back to back toilets but the new toilet is NOT the one vibrating, no problem with the new toilet. the vibrating toilet is back to back, about 20 years old, on 2nd floor so no access to pipes behind finished walls, & is working fine other than the vibrating pipe. could it have anything to do with the outside temperature change due to the approaching winter season? it has been in the 30 degree range at night, but the vibration occurs throughout the day when it is 50 degrees outside. the thermostat has remained at 60 degrees for inside house temperature.
is it a water pressure issue? a temperature issue? a vent issue?
if the vibration is just an annoying noise & is not doing any damage or will not lead to some failure elsewhere, then i can live with a little vibration. otherwise i want to remedy this to avoid more issues. thanks