Hi there everyone - I am a new member and in great need of advice! We recently purchase a charming old (early1950s) cabin in the mountains, which has its original wide, tounge and groove panelling throughout, including the ceilings. Unfortunately, some previous owner decided to "update" the panelling with a skim coat of white paint! Every single millimeter of panelling was coated in white paint ... We had two choices - replace every single piece of panelling, trim, molding, window etc..., or somehow remove the white. To make a long story short, after much experimentation and heartache, we opted to have the entire interior media- blasted with walnut shell. This actually worked quite well but has left a "rough-sawn" type texture. I actually like the texture....it fits with the rustic feel of the cabin. And now finally to my question.....how is the best way to approach staining this rough wood? I am hoping to achieve a warm, nutty tone and hopefully add a bit of protection to keep dust from sticking in the texture. I was wondering if I could use amber toned shellac on this, or would it turn into a big mess over the rough boards? I am guessing that the wood is pine or fir, BTW. Thank you so much for any help!! I don't want to do another injustice to this poor panelling, which has already endured so much!