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    Default Latex HVLP spraying

    Ok, I've decided to take the plunge and purchase an Earlex HV5500 paint sprayer. I will be working with latex for my first project. I am concerned about thinning the paint and achieving a really level finish without losing the gloss. I am using Sherwin Williams Pro Classic latex enamel (white semi gloss). How do others achieve a pro finish with latex ( i.e. add flotrol and water...) Please don't advise me to use oil based paint, i've already primed using a latex primer...

    Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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    Default Re: Latex HVLP spraying

    what are you painting to start with? usually just some flotrol will work but I don't know about with your sprayer. if it is cabinetry what I do is spray a thinned down coat of flat or satin latex and then spray a coat of water based clearcoat. just make sure your clearcoat is actually clear and it is non yellowing

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    If you're new to this, practice on something else with the products you intend to use until you find the results you're seeking. My won HVLP experience is rather limited but I did find it easier to use than a conventional sprayer as the paint flow was slower and easier to control thickness of the application with.


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