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    Default Is this possible? Hybrid wired-wireless doorbell?

    My house is lathe and plaster walls and hard to get wires through the walls and so I think I need to convert part of my wired doorbell into a wireless signal. I think that all I really need here would be be "wireless switches". I want the doorbell to look like any normal doorbell and not require batteries. Here is a diagram of what I want to accomplish. Is this possible? Any idea on where I would get the wireless switch parts?

    (i couldnt upload image to this forum so I put the image here)

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    Default Re: Is this possible? Hybrid wired-wireless doorbell?

    It may be possible. You might want to see if a doorbell extension can be rewired to activate a relay instead of activate a bell. Most of the wireless doorbells have a battery at the button to trigger the receiver located remotely.

    I would bet a mixture of devices might do this.

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    Default Re: Is this possible? Hybrid wired-wireless doorbell?

    The flowchart you posted is certainly possible but off-the-shelf systems are currently available, which could save some time & money.

    But, they are limited because of wireless distances and do require battery powered push buttons.

    You could however simply run a pair of wires to the switch portion of the wireless push button and relocate the electronics inside. This would prolong the useful life of the unit by protecting the active components from the elements.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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