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    Default Water Softener Problems

    I recently bought a forclosed home in Michigan. The home was winterized. After de-winterizing it I noticed that the water pressure went from very strong to very weak. The water lines were bypassing the softener fictures. After removing a few airators from thr faucets I noticed they had been clogged with Zenite granules. while running the water these granules consistantly flowed out. Weeks later the granules were no longer present. I'm affraid now that when I go from bypassing the softener to runing my water through it that the Zenite granules will be redeposited into my water lines. Can anybody help me with this? What causes them to be released. How can I prevent it?

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    Default Re: Water Softener Problems

    I suspect that although the house was winterized it was not heated and the softener was not drained. The softener froze and burst a seal. Repair, if possible, will probably cost as much as replacement.
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