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    Question What type of flooring?

    Hi all,
    Need you help.
    We found water leak in our basement bathroom. It was going on for sometime I suspect. We saw wet door frame, took off a piece of flooring and found out - it's the toilet. Water leaks only when you flush it...
    Anyway, we are awaiting for the plumber to come and fix/replace it...
    My question is - what to do with the floor? I suspect wet area is limited as 2 yards away from the leak, in the furnace room where there is a piece of flooring missing(intentional) it's dry as bone..

    The rest of the basement is well done and dry. We have Drycore layer everywhere. On top of that the rooms have engineered wood, bathroom and furnace room - laminate (that looks like tiles)
    In case (more likely) I need to remove bathroom and furnace room floors - what options do I have (other than current) so that it will be compatible with the rest of the floors ?
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