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    Default bath tub drain plug removal

    Have a 1994 tub which has a push in type drain plug. Tried to remove it but it just turns even when pushed down. Noticed the other tub has a similar drain plug (which I removed by turning it) that contains a cotter pin.

    Any idea how I can get the plug out?

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    Default Re: bath tub drain plug removal

    The 'push to close' style plugs are screwed in place. Grasp the top of the plug and spin it counter-clockwise. There are about 3/8" worth of threads, so you'll have to spin it 10 times or so before it backs out of the hole. Conversely, when you install the new plug, you don't just screw it down tight, you screw it in about half way, push it to close it, then spin it down until a seal occurs.
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