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    Default Infilled exterior door

    my house has an exterior door that was infilled. There was a large amount of air coming in from the exterior where it was infilled, so I decided to open it up to see what the problem was. I found out that no air sealing was done which explains the draft, but I also found out that the old wood threshold and sub-sill are rotten. I can see through to the top of the foundation. See pictures here: (forum won't let me post pictures). How would you go about fixing this? I'm covering it back up, so it doesn't have to be pretty.


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    Rotted wood is to always be replaced, even where it's not visible. You need to remove and replace all the suspect wood for structural reasons. Try poking a flat-bladed screwdriver into the wood- if it goes in then replace the wood. If it only dents it a little you can leave it if there are no other issues involved.


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    From your photos I can see the extent of the rot. As Phil mentioned, you will have to clear all damaged wood first, before you can continue.

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