So I am wrapping up my now 1 year remodel of my 103 year old home. I gutted 90% of my second floor and my entryway and rearranged the floor plan of the second floor. When I moved the bathroom and added a walk in master closet be hind it I no longer have a heating vent into the bathroom. Everything around the bathroom is heated and now insulated. I was thinking of putting in electric floor heating in the bathroom but was not sure how effective it would be to heat the space or cost effective. Or should I go with a bathroom wall heater or baseboard heater instead to heat the bathroom. The bathroom is not that big 10 by 10 with shower tub, double vanity and linen closet. I can't move the vent so that's not an option. Any thoughts would be super helpful thanks. I really want to know more about the radiant floor heating. Thanks again !