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I have been trying hard to either upload a photo or embed a photo with no luck. Awhile back someone told me that I would have to provide an external link to a photo, which I have done, but the post won't publish.

In the How To Post section, it says: To embed images in your post: Use the [IMG] code in the body of your post. It looks like this: "[IMG]value[/IMG]".

What the heck does this mean? Do I type the quote marks? What does value mean?

I've tried and tried but do not know how to post a photo. Please help.

Manage attachments does not work no matter the format of the photo.
The easiest way to do it is to host your photo with Photobucket or similar photo host, then you click on the "insert image" icon (square with a tree in it in the tool bar when you're making a post ). A box will pop up, you will need to choose "From URL" and paste the address for the image in the provided box. Be sure that you copy the address of the image and not the "imbed" code, that is something different. Then hit return and the image will be attached inline (within the text ) with your message. Uploading images from your computer has been disabled due to spammers flooding the site. If you continue to have issues, then contact Jack, as DJ mentioned, and he will post the image for you.

As to your posts not publishing, sometimes posts will be flagged as spam and require administrator approval, Jack checks these often and will allow the post once it's been determined not to be spam.

Hope this helps.