Last night the Dish guy was at my house installing satellite TV and wireless internet. As a part of the installation, he went in the crawl space to run some cabling, came back upstairs and started to drill a hole in the corner of my dining room where the cable was to come through. Because all of the other cabling I have ever seen in my life has been through a wall, I never thought to ask him where he was drilling the hole. And, he never said. He left pretty late after he finished the installation, so it was this morning when I realized that he drilled a hole in my hardwood floor! Eikes!

So, besides me not being happy about where the hole is, I now have a gap between the relatively flat cable and the round hole he drilled. I am thinking this is a great place for bugs to come up from the crawl space into the house. What would be the best way to seal up the space between the edges of the hole and the cable?

I've attached a photo here, although it doesn't show too much of the hole. It at least gives an idea of how big of a hole I now have. http://crocheter0808.wordpress.com/2...hole-nov-2013/

Thank you!