I am in need of putting up some privacy fencing with short notice (due to an inconsiderate neighbor and his dog). I currently have 5' chain link all around my back yard. My neighbor on one side is supportive of vinyl fencing and I'll talk to my other neighbor soon.

It seems that vinyl fencing is all the rage. I see it being put up all over town. A friend told me, though, that it is susceptible to breakage in cold temperatures (I live in Montana) if something hits it. I am not sure what that "something" is.

I am getting estimates for both wood and vinyl. I like the vinyl because of the reduced maintenance (it would prevent me from having to get into my neighbor's yards when it needs to be fixed or refinished). I also want a fence that is tight...meaning no spaces between pieces.

What are your thoughts about the downside of vinyl fencing (besides the cost)?

Thank you!