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Are the cast iron tubs similar, or the same, as the tubs from way back in my grandfather's day? The ones with the claw feet and the white enamel that sometimes chipped if you dropped something heavy into it? I loved the old tub my grandfather had and wished we had taken it out, and replaced it with a new one, when we sold the house. I would have kept it for my house.
Yes, they are made the same way as olden days, but likely with time and financial scrutiny, not as good as your grandfather's tub. That is not to say that today's enameled tubs are bad, only that maybe the cast iron or steel isn't quite as thick, and the enamel isn't quite as thick, which makes it a little more susceptible to thermal dynamics. Still, enamel is a far more durable surface than acrylic or fiberglass gel coat.