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    Default Build in air shaft adjacent to bathroom

    I own a 4 unit apartment building that was built in the 1930. There is an air shaft on each side of the building running vertically the entire height of the building which was used to provide air to the bathrooms. I am wondering how feasible it will be to turn the air shaft into a closet, which I would like to house a stackable washer and dryer. I have seen this done in a few other buildings like mine, but I am wondering if anyone has any guidance or advice.

    I know I would have to provide vent fans that vent to the roof in order to properly ventilate the bathrooms, is there anything else I may need or watch out for.

    The building is 2 stories, with two apartments on each side of the building. all 4 apartments have the exact same layout and are basically mirror images of each other. For example, on the left side of the building, the kitchen/bathroom/living room for the 2nd floor apartment is directly above the kitchen/bathroom/living room for the first floor apartment.

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    Default Re: Build in air shaft adjacent to bathroom

    Welcome to the forum.

    The usual problems associated with WD installations are the drain lines for water and the vent line for the dryer exhaust. Once you work those out, the rest is gravy.

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