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    Default Sheetrock on ceiling..

    Hi, I have a very old house which has (7 1/2" x 3") @ 12" OC wood beams for all my floors spanning 17'

    I want to know if I was to put sheetrock on these beams and say someone jumps or some heavy load is on the floor above.. would the flexing of the beams crack the sheetrock ceiling?

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    Default Re: Sheetrock on ceiling..

    That depends on a few variables, thing like the condition of the beams, the type of floor and sub floor you have in the second floor, the type of load and the actual weight, the condition of the ceiling, etc. An architect/engineer can calculate those number more precisely.

    Beams in good condition, 12" OC, provide for a very good floor, but you never know with an older home. I think that before cracking actually happens, you might see some separations in the drywall ceiling and/or cracks in the finish (paint or otherwise).

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    Default Re: Sheetrock on ceiling..

    You can calculate the deflection of the joists above. The minimum deflection for drywall on a ceiling is L240. And measure the movement.

    There are drywall systems that allow for movement which are applied to the underside of the joists.

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