There's been a couple of episodes that mention the Sharkbite connections which are solderless and doesn't use compression. Recently I had to replace both the hot and cold valves that supplied my washer. They were hopelessly corroded and broken. I couldn't turn them off so I had to remove the valves altogether. They were old-type threaded connections that were soldered to a copper pipe. And yes back then I guess you had the option to use the thread or solder it. Anyway they were contained in one of those white plastic boxes mounted into the wall for washer plumbing. The problem was I couldn't unsolder them for fear of burning the box. So I got a minipipe cutter and cut both of them off. However this left me with only about 0.5 inches of copper pipe coming up out of the hole. So on the recommendation of a guy at the home center I purchased two Sharkbite fittings with a male connection to screw a valve onto. I did everything right. I meticulously sanded the ends of the copper pipes to minimize burrs. I'm now having second thoughts. I have this o-ring/stainless steel teeth connection essentially in a wall that is not accessible. So far I can't see any leaks, but does anyone have any reason why this shouldn't work or are there any plumbing standards that have been violated by doing this?