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Metal and fiberglass doors are extremely stabil. Wooden doors are going to swell and schrink with the seasons. Even if the wood door had superior R values, the inherent movement of the door makes for poor weatherstripping. A poorly weatherstripped door will lose far more heat than a tight, lower R value door.
I totally support you Ordgen.. I just love my 4 panel Richmond doors installed last year, I have added it with scarlett glasses. the curb appeal it provides perfectly illuminates my entrance. As I am living in a northern region, this perfectly match my preferences. The main benefit of fiberglass doors is that they don't dent, rust, scratch or crack and their unique construction makes them extremely resistant to thermal bowing.

Just for an additional help in choosing replacement doors: http://www.clerawindows.com/blog/you...st-impression/
All the very best with this project