I have a quandry with a small porch on my house.The house is very small (900 sq.ft) and has the primary entry door leading into the kitchen that is inside a small 4' deep x 6' wide uninsulated porch with a storm door on the outside.
Once you enter the porch the entry door is straight ahead and opens out towards you,so it's not right,but It can't open in,as the kitchen is so small.It's a thiefs dream as the hinges are exposed to the outside where the pins could be driven out.I did however drill them and install set screws(on the inner side) where the hinge folds,so the pins can't be removed.
This little porch was made by the previous owners just closing in a jog in the house,and the shingles are still on the inner walls.The floor is just 1 x 4 tongue and groove fir over three joists that are about a foot off the ground.

I just want to tighten up the whole thing and make it a little more energy efficient and more appealing.
I plan to remove the shingles and do the walls with some v-groove pine,and rip up the floor and insulate it between the joists with some foam board,and put down a nice floor with some pine or fir over it.I'd like to replace the cheapo storm door on the outside with a fiberglass or steel door with a nice multi pane colonial style in it.

There in lies the problem,If i install the outside door properly with it opening in,it will be an issue with the doors opening in to each other.I can get them to clear,but I would have to do some fancy footwork to close the doors.The only other way I could do it,is to have the door open to the outside,but it wouldn't be correct and it would look cheesy,and the hinges would show to the outside.

This porch is a nice little area to take off boots in the winter,and to hang up a damp jacket after shoveling snow or coming in from the rain.It also has a different floor elevation than the kitchen,so I'm not interested in making this a big project.
Sure I guess I could rip everything down,and turn the porch into a well insulated part of the kitchen and having just one good quality entry door for an entry.I don't however have any plans of doing that.

So after this long winded question,does anyone have any good solution to my dilemma?