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    Default Paint cast iron drain pipe

    Can I paint the cast iron drain pipe running along the wall in my basement?

    If yes, I assume something like Rustoleum.

    Is there any other way to Camouflage it?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Paint cast iron drain pipe

    of course you can paint it and rustoleum would be fine. you could also box it in with 1x material or frame around it with 2x3's and finish it with drywall. if you do decide to box it in someway, make sure to leave access or a door to any cleanouts.

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    Default Re: Paint cast iron drain pipe

    That's my answer as well!

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    Default Re: Paint cast iron drain pipe

    When painting the main stack that ran through my bathroom (veritcally) I ran into the problem of what primer would stop the original asphaltum coating from bleeding through (it apparently was coated from the factory to keep rust away until it got assembled) I primed it with the primer that was going on the walls (BM oil based enamel undercoater) and I discovered the stain bleed-through. Then I switched to some shellac, which I thought would stop it, not entirely. Finally out of desperation, I grabbed the thin PVA primer I had used on one section of new drywall before tiling. That seemed to do it; after one more coat of shellac, I put on the semi-gloss acrylic paint, and no more bleed.
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