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    Question Commercial Grade carpet in a residential home?

    I would like to use commericial grade carpet in a home. It's cheap, durable and easy to clean. All of the residential alternatives that are close to the quality of commercial grade are way more expensive.

    My question is, would commercial grade carpet pass inspection or code in a residential home?

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    Default Re: Commercial Grade carpet in a residential home?

    Floor coverings do not require a permit from the building department to install, modify, or replace, hence, the building department has no authority, opinion or jurisdiction on what you put on your floors. If you like commercial floor coverings, install and enjoy them.
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    Default Re: Commercial Grade carpet in a residential home?

    Some jurisdictions are more regulatory than others and may govern the installation of floor coverings. And commercial building codes may allow for different standards than residential for things like VOCs in floor coverings. In these cases, commercial carpeting may not meet residential codes.

    That said, I don't see any problem putting whatever you want in your house. I think there are too many codes and laws that provide questionable benefit to health and safety.
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