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    Default Possible to fix? Drain valve broke-off corroded home-heating steam boiler

    Regarding: 25 year old Well-Mclain Residential Steam Heat Boiler

    Problem: boiler drain valve connection corroded, broke-off along with female threads of inside connection. The threads of inside pipe are stuck in the original drain valve itself, with corroded edges protruding out the boiler-side valve male connection.

    Cause: I was screwing a hose to the boiler's drain valve, but since a bit rusty, male connection of hose was having trouble grabbing onto female threads of valve. I gripped the value, jiggled the male hose end to level it, and then applied some pressure on the valve straight down, while at same time, applied pressure to male hose connection straight up to get the two ends to mate/connect. I mistakenly applied more pressure downward on the value, breaking the valve off a very corroded female connection on the boiler drain pipe. (yes, I know better than to use force to solve a frustrating hardware problem, but I was cold & tired at 2am, blah, blah, and had some unused stupid points for the month. Ouch.)

    Effect: 1. Boiler is unusable without valve fitted on drain pipe. 2. Of course, when the valve broke off, all the water from the entire home's steam heating system--boiler, 9 steam radiators on 1st and second floor of home, and all connecting pipes--instantly gushed out & drained onto my basement floor. 3. Now I have no threads to connect value to, just two sides of a corroded end of boiler drain pipe at point just inside beyond boiler cover. 4. I now have broken valve sitting next to my keyboard making fun of me. 5. I am cold (nighttime temps now dropping to 32-34. 6. I'm nervous I have to spend $ I can't spare on an new boiler I can't live without.

    Bottom-Line Question: I'm usually very handy (& more careful) with home repairs of all kinds. Is it both feasible & reasonable for me to try and fix this myself? Is it worth trying to take the boiler cover off and replace the drain pipe connected directly to the boiler?

    Summary: I'm c-c-cold. Please advise if the boiler drain pipe can be repaired by a handy homeowner or a knowledgeable plumber? I'm trying to avoid having to purchase an entirely new boiler for another 5 years or so.

    Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions!
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