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    Default dogwood tree "shedding"

    Our dogwood tree blooms normally but drops its flower petals within one week or so of blooming. Other dogwood trees in the neighborhood seem to retain their blossoms much longer. Our tree does not look diseased. Does this seem normal for dogwoods?

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    Default Re: dogwood tree "shedding"

    long haired or short haired?

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    Default Re: dogwood tree "shedding"

    It could just be the variety, but I think mine lasts at least 2 or 3 weeks.
    Is it well fertilized? Hollytone or organics work best. Apply it now and in the late fall.
    Is it more or less in the sun than the others.
    Does it start blooming earlier and just end earlier making it seem like it doesn't last as long?
    Is it smaller/younger than the trees you are comparing it too. I have a red dogwood that took at least 5 years before it really started putting on a show in the spring. They can take a while to establish.
    Mulch is good, but not too much. They like moist organically rich soil, but no standing water.
    That's all I can think of.

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