Hello all! My husband and I bought our house in 2007 with plans to fix it up... well, here we are with no fixing upping...haha. This is our first home and I just graduated college so we have pretty much no budget. I'm hoping for suggestions on where to start and what to do...I just want a simple clean feeling but it must be able to be lived in. We have three dogs and while we are clean people, we are not freaky. So, about the house...built in the 30s I believe. Maybe 50s, yea big difference, but I can't remember. Anyway, I've been told it's called a shotgun house because the doors in front and back are aligned. It is stucco, needs fixed on the outside as well. There are tiny closests, no storage, old everything, and crappy carpets. Two bedroom, tiny bathroom, small everything. :-) My true dream is to have a free total remodel like you see on tv, that would be awesome! Oh and we need a new ac/heating unit for the heat part. So yay. Old wood inside as trim work and doors. Thanks for reading my story and I appreciate your feedback in advance.