Hoping someone has insight on this.

My house is an early 50s Cape Cod, the driveway slopes down to the single garage which sits beneath the house.
I had a quote on a new drive asking the company to replace the ancient broken small single drain with a trough drain as we were getting lots of water in the garage. Quote given based on this.

Today the driveway was finished, a large single drain with catch basin was installed, I was told this is actually more expensive than the trough.

I knew they'd had issues with original drainage, they took pics, all the original tile had collapsed, it was a big soggy mess down there. I'm told they could not install a trough drain as the tile was coming from four directions and at different heights, this set up would not allow them to install a trough. So there is a single large drain, catch basin, all piping is replaced and reattached, pitch of the drive has been altered so water flows to one side and the lawn, what does go down the drive circles to the single drain.

Thanks for reading all that preamble lol, does this make sense? I didn't realize there are cases where you cannot install a trough drain. The company was great to deal with, the finished product looks fantastic (they also did a great looking sloped sidewalk to replace old, crap sidewalk with a few steps), was just disappointed with the single drain since the point of redoing this was to avoid water in garage.

Thoughts? Thanks!