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    Default replacement of glazing. (historical)

    I seem to remember an episode that removed single pane glazing and replaced with double pane... this was in an historical house so there were small panes and suited the historical society requirements.... does any one know a glazing mfg that does these custom type glass.

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    Default Re: replacement of glazing. (historical)

    This technique only works decently with 1 3/4" sash, otherwise you are milling too deep into the glass rabbet.
    My local glass shop will make insulated panels. Cost for 6-over-6 (or more) panes is going to quickly add up.
    Then, you're weakening the small muntins, maybe fatally. You're losing the wavy glass. And multiple panes is multiple chances for seal failure = foggy lites.
    The money, IMO is better put into high-quality metal weatherstripping, storm windows, and insulating curtains.
    Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set.

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    Default Re: replacement of glazing. (historical)

    Best to keep the originality as much as possible, or do a replacement with something modern that matches the old look as closely as possible. If you choose the latter approach, store the removed components in the attic for a future owner to use should they wish to restore the house. Unless there is a historical requirement, I usually just replace them. When done well, it's more cost-efficient and will last without future problems.


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    Default Re: replacement of glazing. (historical)

    I don't like that idea because it would be expensive, permanently alters your windows, those panes may not last long, the panes will be heavier so they weights might not balance the sash, and they add maybe R-1 if you're lucky.

    I am getting storm windows. They should be as good if not better thermally, and they will protect the windows from the elements.

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