I am restoring an 1865 second empire and heard, depending on which source I trust, storm windows are a great idea that will save me lots of money.

I've looked into a few, and I like that Harvey Tru-channel come in black, have super low air infiltration and are supposedly approved for airport sound abatement. I don't like the cost so much, and not sure I like having a screen for just one sash.

Larson storm windows are much cheaper (I think) and seem to have the option of having a full-length screen, meaning I could open the top and bottom sash half way and get a nice convection on summer nights which supposedly is what old windows were designed to do. But they don't come in black (a dark brown though) and they don't list any stats (only that each series is "better" than the last) and say nothing of noise abatement.

Does anyone have experience with these brands? Anyone have experience between half a screen and a full screen?