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    Default Sleeper boards and T&G porch opinion


    Fairly new home owner in New England. I was having some work done on the front porch to replace some rotting boards when the contractor found carpenter ants. (we are having it treated). The contractor recommended enclosing the porch (Cost $4,000) but said that putting in "sleeper boards" might work but was not sure about them. (Cost $2,400). I am leaning toward the "sleeper boards" because it is a lot cheaper and I like the porch open. But I do not want to revisit this in a 5-8 years.

    Some notes on the porch. It is over the basement, so their is a floor with a membrane over a wood floor/ basement ceiling. the old T&G was placed directly on the membrane and water would get trapped and have no place to go.

    Does anyone have an opinion on how long sleeper boards last, or how effect they are?

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    Default Re: Sleeper boards and T&G porch opinion

    PT sleepers are rated at 25 years in direct contact with the ground. On your porch they should last much longer.

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    Default Re: Sleeper boards and T&G porch opinion

    If your porch boards run perpendicular to the house, have you considered using composite boards instead. They have grooves along the bottom that would act as sleepers and water would not get trapped under them. This would not work if the boards run parallel to the walls of the house.

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