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    Default Plumbing design software

    Sorry, this is not an old house question, but did not know where else to go.
    Looking for either a free design software or someone that could design my plumbing for our new house.
    I am capable of doing the plumbing rougin, just not good at design.

    Main question that came up is since I have two full baths, does it require two seperate vents?

    Can anyone offer ideas?????

    Thank You.

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    Default Re: Plumbing design software

    for starters you have to pull a permit, i can't speak for where you live but in mass, a plumber has to pull one for you. if you can pull your own, i would recommend paying a plumber to come over for an hour or two and talk you through what you have to do. there's no software available (that i know of) that can decipher where each stud, floor joist, attic and basement layout you have, etc. this is exactly what plumbers are paid for. tell him what you want to do, have him tell you what and how to do it, then pay him for another hour to look it over before you get your rough inspection. then you can finish it off, have him check that you're ready for final inspection and you're good to go. when you're done, you may have ended up paying the plumber $300-$500 for advice and assistance but it's certainly better than having to do it, rip it out and do it again or you could just pay a plumber several thousand dollars to do it himself.

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