Does anyone follow any, or even write one themselves. I've been looking through these before and after pics and I love seeing the progress people have made and it made me think about doing something myself. We've lived in our house for a while but can now afford to start doing work on it and I'd like to keep some kind of record of how it looks now and how it will hopefully look in the future. I've never blogged though so will need to use something like this unless anyone has any better ideas. I've heard about wordpress but not sure if someone as technologically inept as me would be able to use it I don't want to spend hours trying to get it going, it's supposed to just be s fun project so my family can see what's going on too, and anybody else who might be interested in restoration etc.
So any advice is welcome, about what website to use, how it should look, how often I should post, that kind of thing. And any links to anything similar you think I might want to see.