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    Default Exterior Water Barrier

    I recently bought a house that had a planter-bed adjacent to the front. The bed was up against the stucco with no water barrier. The foundation is a good three feet underneath the ground with no irrigation or protection from water getting underneath the house. While there is no visible damage to the foundation or the stucco, I want to protect it from any possible future damage.

    QUESTION: I've heard that there is solid barrier that I can install against the house to protect from water getting under it. Is that true? Or is there another better way to protect the front of my house from seeping water? Here are a few of important facts: 1) My house is on a hill that slopes towards the back; 2) I am planning on planing my front yard to drain the surface water away from the house. 3) I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it never snows and is almost never humid. 4) The previous owner used a tar-pitch material against the stucco to stop water but I'm not convinced it was sufficient.

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    I'd have a waterproofing company assess the situation but it seems that all you'd need is a membrane applied to the wall down to the foundation once the regrading is done on the lawn. The advantage to this approach is that this way, you get a better chance at finding the right answer (with a warranty to fall back on) the first time around. A wrong guess here can have costly consequences later on!!


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