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    Default Opening up a wall

    I have a 3x3 opening that looks through the Kitchen and Den. I want to expand the look through to be the entire wall and create a breakfast bar. Do I need to tear down the Dry wall on the entire wall and reconstruct the wall? couldn't I just cut out the rest of the area that I want opened and then create the bar? I know there is electrical to be careful of and It will require relocating some outlets and a switch. Where do I start?

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    Default Re: Opening up a wall

    You'd also have to figure out if its load bearing or not. Even if it is there are ways to handle the load and make the opening. That just takes more $$.

    Take the skin / drywall from one side of the wall top to bottom and see what's in there.

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    Default Re: Opening up a wall

    By removing the drywall, as HR said, you will be able to determine if you have a bearing wall or not.

    So do that first, and report back with your findings.

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