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    Default wet spots at corner of floor and wall in basement


    I'm seeing a few wet spots where the walls meet the floor in one area of my basement. We have already waterproofed the exterior of the foundation, and have our exterior weeping tiles feeding into an interior sump pump which expels the water outside the house.

    We know that there is a generous amount of ground water under our house and have partial internal weepers below the footing level which lead to our sump. This area however, doesn't have a weeper under the floor.

    The question is: do I need to dig down and install a weeper that connects to the other weepers, or can I seal the corner well enough and keep the moisture at bay?


    PS. I realize I'm refering to the cove joint, and that hydrostatic pressure is probably the culprit. It's the solution I'm seeking guidance on. Cheers!
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    Default Re: wet spots at corner of floor and wall in basement

    If the other weepers do their job well, that should provide your solution here too.


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