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    Default Crawl Space Conversion

    Has anyone in MA had any experience with contractors that can dig out a crawl space to convert it to a full basement? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    i'm a contractor in mass that has done that before. cape cod and some other areas, easy digging.... other areas, a nightmare. just get in touch with a few local contractors to get some estimates.

    red flags....stone foundation? footings only 4' below grade? these issues can make the job very expensive if you want to go wall to wall. there are many variables some of which can be very costly and others that can save a lot of money.

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    Not in MA, but I've done some. You need someone with foundation knowledge like an engineer involved to gain the maximum space, but building codes here allow you to do this using a minimum "do not disturb after excavation" zone at the perimeter which may also require additional airspace between the walls and the exterior undisturbed soil to allow access to utilities behind the walls. Let your local codes department guide you on what you need to do. While this is a great way to add space, it also involves structure which must never be compromised so not just any contractor is really qualified to do this and many prefer to not do them to avoid dealing with the potential liabilities.


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