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    Default Foam board in OLD Garage - air gap ?

    Hi all,

    Newb... I have an old (1960s) SEPERATE Garage, that got flooded in Hurricane Sandy and i had to gut it out, the Framing and Plates and Ply are fine (its on a Slab). Has NEW:
    -Elect BB Heat
    -Air Cond for summer (mid atlantic)

    I wish to leave it open (no drywall) in case of flooding again BUT wish to INSULATE it with 2" Foam (R10 i think) board between the studs. I do NOT want to use FGlass or Dow fiber Insulate.

    The Plywood wall has Vinyl siding on it but no Vapor Barrier under it (it was added in the 1980s), however the ply is mounted Vertically so there are NO seams in it (gaps). I know it should prob be corrected (VB added on Ext) however, due to the Financial LOSS of the Hurricane, i am on a restricted budget, to say the least . Please understand i will not be able to make it 100% correct due to $$$ loss, but want to get it as close to right as possible.

    **** My main question is :
    -Do i put the Foam board directly against the plywood (on the interior of bldg, the ply is the only wall) ...OR..
    -Do i leave an Air GAP between the Foam and the Plywood wall (again there is NO Interior wall/drywall) ?
    -Should any type of Vapor Retarder be added on the inside?

    I am looking to keep it basically Climated (not 100% - 50% is fine----at c. 80 in Summer and c. 55 in winter ...Mid Atlantic) - it has Dehumidification (now).

    I have been told both by various people , but they didnt know for CERTAIN.

    Thanks !

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