I live in the Chicago area. I am renovating a 100 year old bathroom (have contractor doing the work). The area is 64 square feet. It had no insulation but now will be completely insulated and will have a double thermal pane window. I will have a small 4 foot baseboard hot water radiator in the room; but, I usually do not leave the furnace on to heat the entire house at night. In the past the bathroom was very cold in the morning. I am hoping that the insulation will do a lot to keep the area warmer on a cold morning, but I am looking for a heater specifically for the room. I can continue to use my tower infra red space heater but it will ruin the look of the new renovation. Any suggestions for another solution? I can tuck a small parabolic behind the toilet (may not be safe), use an overhead heat lamp (not too pretty), install an in-wall coil (not fond of blowing air), etc. I am afraid to spend on something that will not solve my problem. I want the room to look like a 100 year old bathroom, but nicer quality than what was there before. I think the fixtures and tile I have chosen will do this, but, what about heat? Any suggestions?