My daughter recently bought a 1933 story & 1/2.stucco house with no eaves-roof ends at ext walls.(has gutters) A lot of the ceiling insulation is falling in the side attic spaces, newer insulation & plastic was added to the kneewall. the floor is boarded so I don't know how much or if it is insulated.
I cleaned up the fallen insulation so there is some uninsulated areas(1/2-2/3) on slanted ceiling area. I put insulation around pipe type stuff.
there are 2 new roof vents as the shingles were replaced recently. There was some light showing thru where roofline meets exterior walls so I shoved some of the old insulation in there---is that a bad Idea -did she need that air flow?? this is Minnesota. the 1/2 story is a finished area.(knotty pine!)
thank you!